Foolproof roulette method, you will go crazy

Here is the infallible roulette method! A very simple procedure based on six sestines that we can adopt for both American and French roulette. It is natural that if we play American roulette, the risk of losing is higher but, for the rest, you will have to concentrate only on the right moment to bet on the sestines and doubling.

When will we double with this decisive roulette method? Only when we don’t win, when the bet has been lost. Obviously all the methods that use doubling are always very risky because if the mood is positive we can win a lot of money but they are counterproductive if, instead, we are losing a lot of money. However, as a whole, this is a winning strategy that could be even more appropriate with casinos with high betting limits.

This method for roulette works like this: we have a first shot that we define as waiting, after which we start playing according to the minimum bet of the table. We distribute our bets on the three sextings that have just come out and doubled the bet on the others. So you make two totally different bets and we can always win unless zero comes out.

We double the bet on all the losing sixers but, for the rest, stay on the minimum bet with the winning bets, you will always find yourself a profitable balance. So when you earn, you only play the profit, that is what you have won.