French roulette table always win with a rule

Do you know how a French roulette table is made? Just take a look to see the first difference with American roulette: the presence of only one zero. Then there is a very interesting rule of imprisonment, which gives the opponent more chances of winning.

The wheel has 36 boxes with the classic alternating red and black colors and the zero which is green instead. There are not many differences between the French and European roulette tables, some love the French variant due to the simple fact that there are some special rules that, in the event of a zero exit, the player will only pay half of what they bet.

As with the remaining roulette wheels, you must place a bet on a number or a simple chance, thus respecting the classic roulette rules. At French roulette we can make the “tiers du cylindre” bet, where we will bet on twelve numbers and put a chip on the six horses between 27 and 33.

Or we can bet on the neighbors of zero, betting nine chips, or the orphans. For some, the French roulette table gives the player more chance of winning. In our opinion, if you make the most of some rules, you will be able to enter many games.