Winning at roulette

To win at roulette winnings must cover losses, it’s a given. And to win at roulette you need to bet progressively, that is, increase your bet every time you lose until you reach the coveted victory. We must always aim for the budget at our disposal and we must never find ourselves in the situation where we spend more than we have. To win at roulette, or rather to increase the odds of winning, you have to wait for a certain color to come out a certain number of times. 

Here, let’s focus on this: we wait for a color to come out four times. Therefore, let us try to focus on both red and black. You only lose if you roll 0 with a 2.7% chance and if you lose you double your bet until you win. If instead, we focus on the “random” function it is more likely that a color comes out more than six times in a row. Even if we consider the dozens, we use the same logic. 

We await the release of a number of the dozen that we wish for five times and, with the double of the bet won, without doubling the bet at each loss, we must follow the scheme 1,2,3,4,6,9,13,20, that is, the first episode of a euro, the second of two euros and so on.